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Our multi-platform business solutions.

MAD COMPANY Collection

Media Software Online Mall
Purchase Autodesk, Adobe, MS, and many other media plug-ins at Mad Company at a reasonable price. We are certain that the best results can be made by wise purchase and consumption.
Mad Company provides optimized Render Farm solution that is suitable for project environment and also reasonable for high quality and high resolution image production such as movies, animation, and virtual reality (VR).
Mad Company is always opened and prepared for a new business.


Warm Heart + Passion, No. 1

Developing a new business by adding warm heart and passion

Our multi-platform business solutions

We are always with our partners and customers with an open business mind with out team power that experienced various IT Media businesses along with media software, Render Farm foundation, future performance planning, and special image event business.

MAD COMPANY Collection

Media Software Online Mall

We provide the opportunity to reasonably purchase software by thinking about the work efficiency of a company.